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Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Would you please stop screaming, woman?
I’ll focus on my apprehension more easily then.
Go get me a brand new cup of tea,
Pour me inside of it.
I want to be celestial just for one night.
Oh woman, you bleed in my ears,
You’re just the ashes of a wounded satellite
But I’m too far gone,
I’m drowning in your warm infusion.
Let your sounds become harmony,
I need some calm tonight,
I need to face
a sudden August in the middle of an autumn night.
There’s a lovely breeze coming from the river
There’s a lovely view inside your arms tonight –
I’m half a girl melting in Uranus
And your screaming only tells me
That he’s not by my side.
Lala, none other, a las 1:25 PM

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